The Courtyard
The Entrance
Inside the Temple
 First, take control of the Warrior and hit the switch, raising the water level. A platform will rise that will allow the characters to safely get down to the bottom of the chasm. Position the Druid onto the platform and hit the switch again to lower the platform to the bottom. Then, move the Warrior onto the elevator to the right.  Now with the Druid, jump over to the alcove with the switch and the pressure plate. Step on the pressure plate to lower the elevator. Now the Warrior can hit the switch to activate the first of two portals.  Position the Warrior back on the elevator and jump to the platform with the druid. At the top Raise the water level again to bring the Druid back up.
 Now, with all our champions reunited, they can cross over to the next section. Ahead of them lay two more platforms, each with a seesaw on it (The seesaw catapults anything forward when the Druid jumps on the raised end). The taller of the two has another enemy for the Warrior to fight, and two switches that need to be hit. One controls the water level so that the final door below is accessible. The other activates the second portal.  Catapult the Warrior up first so that he can take out the enemy and hit the switch to lower the water. The second switch is much too high up, even at the top of the seesaw, so you must use the Wizard to reach it. Position the Wizard under the raised part of the seesaw and activate his top shield. Climb onto it with the Warrior, then walk the Wizard to the top of the seesaw ramp. Now  the Warrior can hit the switch to activate the second portal just above them. Catapult the Warrior and Wizard into the portal, and jump after them as the Druid to reach the final door.
1st Few Iterations
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